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Detroit Mother Found In Neglect For Refusing To Medicate Daughter

Metro Detroit Health NewsDetroit, MI - A Detroit mother who was subjected to an armed SWAT team assault on her home during an attempted child removal by Child Protective Services, Maryanne Godboldo, has been found in neglect by a Wayne County juvenile court.

{mosgoogle}Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of reports that the jury of that court was somehow persuaded to believe that Maryanne's refusal to continue drugging her daughter with Risperdal, a mind-altering psychiatric drug used to "treat" ADHD, equated to parental neglect. "It is a sad day in America when even juries are so brainwashed by Big Pharma advertising and mainstream media propaganda that they believe refusing to drug your own teenage daughter is proof of poor parenting", said Adams.

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